Puntarelle Salad in Milan

What’s a Puntarelle you ask…this was a new for me too! It is a salad ingredient from the chicory family and seems to be unique to Italy. It is sometimes known as asparagus chicory and indeed when a local at a nearby table could see me trying to work it out with the waiter in a mixture of broken French, Italian and English, he stepped in and said this is similar to asparagus.

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Taste of Savoie on tour in Reims and the Champagne region

Reims has always been one of those cities that I have known as a quick stop-over when en-route to France for holidays in years gone by. Often an overnight stay in some hotel just off the autoroute and apart from knowing that it is in the champagne region of France, I had very little other knowledge of this wonderful city and some of the amazing sights and tastes it has to offer.

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