The Villas of Benicassim Castellon Spain

What an enjoyable day out this was to see The Villas of Benicassim.  Along the Orange Blossom Coast or Costa del Azahar in Spain is a wonderful beach resort with 6 kms of sandy beach all linked by a promenade.  Along the beach front promenade walking from the Hotel Voramar there are beautiful traditional villas with an amazing history of the highlife of the arts and theatrical society of the 1920’s.   The 27 prominent villas all with lush green gardens and built in a French villa style have a romantic look and maintain their traditional style. 

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Puntarelle Salad in Milan

What’s a Puntarelle you ask…this was a new for me too! It is a salad ingredient from the chicory family and seems to be unique to Italy. It is sometimes known as asparagus chicory and indeed when a local at a nearby table could see me trying to work it out with the waiter in a mixture of broken French, Italian and English, he stepped in and said this is similar to asparagus.

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