So you think you know your Olive Oils?

Views of Todi, Umbria, Italy
Views of Todi, Umbria, Italy

Italian Olive Oil from Umbria

Deep in the beautiful Umbrian countryside, near Todi in Italy, we discovered a hidden treasure.  The wonderful olive farm of Passo della Palomba really is a taste of paradise and certainly a taste of some of the best extra virgin olive oil that Italy has to offer.

This delightful 19th century estate has been expertly and lovingly restored by Alessandro and Claudia Gilotti and their sons.  The restoration took 4 years using original materials to retain its former glory.  Now at Passo Della Palomba you can enjoy a peaceful holiday in this tranquil location. 

Passo della Palomba, Todi, Umbria, Italy
Photo from Passo della Palomba website

You can enjoy the hospitality, scenery and walking in this open countryside and take part in the extensive olive oil tutorials to learn all about this incredible oil. The estate has around 15 hectares of olive groves and there are approximately 5000 olive trees.  Using traditional methods alongside new technology Alessandro will take you on a taste journey of discovery.  You will gain a fundamental knowledge of olive oil, learn how to read the labels and know how to choose a quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. 

Views from Passo della Palomba, Umbria, Italy
Views from Passo della Palomba, Umbria, Italy

Olive Oil tasting in Umbria, Italy

Alessandro at Passo della Palomba, Todi
Olive oil tasting in Umbria, Italy
Then follows a tasting session to understand the best way to appreciate the qualities of the oil, the smells, the senses and tastes that are evoked. An interesting olive oil pairing gave us ideas of foods you may not have thought of adding olive oil to, including dessert!

At Passo della Palomba they produce six different extra virgin olive oils.  Five are monocultivar oils – made using a single type of olive: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Don Carlo and Dolce Agogia and one the Olistico is a grand cru made with a blend of all 5 different types of olive. 

The Olive Oils at Passo della Palomba, Todi, Umbria

Having tasted most of these, they definitely have their own distinctive flavours ranging from a mild light flavour to a more intense gutsy oil.  One important thing that I learned is how important it is to keep out heat, oxygen and light when producing these oils.  This is the reason the oils should be put and kept in dark glass and these oils are all bottled with a nitrogen cap with a ball in to stop the air getting in and to keep the oils at optimum quality. 

Umbrian Wines from Passo della Palomba

The wines at Passo della Palomba, Umbria, Italy

Alongside these olive oils are some delicious local wines produced by Passo della Palomba too.  The estate has four hectares of vines, producing Greghetto Umbro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. They produce small quantities of high quality wines.  We enjoyed a great wine tasting with Alessandro and Claudia of 2 whites and 2 reds – all delicious and you can buy the wines direct from them.

They have a website where you can book a holiday and order their olive oils and wines.


Passo della Palomba
Località Boschetto 47, Cecanibbi
06059 Todi – PG – Italy

How to Book or Order Wine and Olive Oils

Passo della Palomba Website

Ph.. +39.3351051401

Wine tasting in Umbria
Tasting the white wine Frutto at Passo della Palomba
600 year old Olive Tree at Passo della Palomba, Umbria
600 year old Olive Tree at Passo della Palomba, Umbria

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