Five more ways with Reblochon

Turnip Tartiflette with Reblochon

Five more delicious recipes using Reblochon cheese from the Haute Savoie

The types of dishes that can be created using Reblochon cheese appear to be endless.  Here are my latest Reblochon recipes from the Taste of Savoie Kitchen.

From fusion tartiflettes, the cauliflower and Diots one is keto-friendly!  Swapping out the potatoes for cauliflower makes this a posh cauliflower cheese really!  Then I felt the humble turnip needed some press so I used turnip in place of potato, this is a great alternative.  the classic Croziflette uses Crozets pasta from The Savoie region.  To a Reblochon tart and little Reblochon pillows for Apero time.

And in case you missed my first post of Five Ways with Reblochon – I’ve added it here too.  So this post is actually 10 recipes using Reblochon cheese. 

Bon Appetit!

Cauliflower and Diots Tartiflette - Tast eof Savoie

Cauliflower and Diots Tartiflette

A Tartiflette… by any other name…to quote part of a well-known line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; what matters is what it is – not what it’s called! Well in this case it is another fusion version of the classic Tartiflette. A cauliflower and Diots Tartiflette! Obviously, the Reblochon Cheese being the star of the Tartiflette must always be included. (In my opinion) However in this particular ‘Tartiflette’ that is all that remains!

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Recipes using Reblochon Cheese

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