Endive and Potato Gratin

The endive is a very popular vegetable in France, in fact it is the 3rd most consumed vegetable in France;
Endives also known as chicory are a versatile vegetable, great cooked in gratins, braised, sautéed and topped with cheese, make good soups, can be used in stir fries and also tasty raw in salads. They make great decorations to a plate and good canapes as their boat shaped leaves can be filled with pâte or used to dip into cheese and dips…

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What to do with leftover Cheese Fondue?

What is leftover cheese fondue I hear you cry! Well one of my lifelong traits is to over cater, which is exactly what I did recently when making a big pot of cheese fondue for a group of friends. I made my Savoyard cheese fondue using my Taste of Savoie recipe (link)

So I had quite a lot of leftover cheese fondue to work through. You can save your cheese fondue in the fridge quite safely for a few days, best in a sealed container. Do make sure it is cold before refrigerating.

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Five more ways with Reblochon

Here are my latest Reblochon recipes from the Taste of Savoie Kitchen.

From fusion tartiflettes, the cauliflower and Diots one is keto-friendly! Swapping out the potatoes for cauliflower makes this a posh cauliflower cheese really! Then I felt the humble turnip needed some press so I used turnip in place of potato, this is a great alternative. the classic Croziflette uses Crozets pasta from The Savoie region. To a Reblochon tart and little Reblochon pillows for Apero time.

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Cauliflower and Diots Tartiflette

A Tartiflette… by any other name…to quote part of a well-known line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; what matters is what it is – not what it’s called! Well in this case it is another fusion version of the classic Tartiflette. A cauliflower and Diots Tartiflette! Obviously, the Reblochon Cheese being the star of the Tartiflette must always be included. (In my opinion) However in this particular ‘Tartiflette’ that is all that remains!

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How to make a great Turnip Tartiflette

All you purist Tartiflette eaters, look away now!
I love trying new fusion style recipes with Savoyarde ingredients. The turnip Tartiflette is my latest recipe using Reblochon cheese and swapping around a few ingredients. The humble turnip called a navet in French – it’s le navet so the t is not pronounced. ..

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French Fish Names

What’s that fish called in French?
Deciphering a french fish and seafood menu. Do you know your Églefin from your Espadon? This is a question I have been asked many times when going through a french menu trying to identify the fish dish.

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What to do with leftover croissants!

What are leftover croissants you may well ask? and I’m not sure this happens very often – it certainly doesn’t in my kitchen. However I have on the odd occasion frozen croissants ready to make a bread and butter pudding with, so I thought I’d try a savoury version.

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Croziflette with Diots

Yes, you guessed it… La Croziflette is related to La Tartiflette – the common ingredient being Reblochon cheese from the Haute Savoie. I’ve mixed things up a bit and used Crozet pasta and Diots sausages both from the Savoie region.

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Leek, Bacon, Mushroom and Reblochon Tart

My latest recipe with Reblochon – A leek, bacon, mushroom and Reblochon tart. I’m always looking for ways to cook with Reblochon cheese because I love this versatile cheese – it works in practically any dish. It’s a local cheese in the Haute Savoie and has had the prestigious AOC status since 1958.

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