A Weekend in Besançon

Why a weekend in Besançon? Or where is Besançon – as a few friends asked when I said I was visiting. Well, one of the reasons I wanted to visit the city of Besançon was because Raymond Blanc was born there.

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Raymond Blanc’s “first great food experience”

During a weekend visit to Besançon in the Franch Comte region of France we enjoyed dinner at Le Poker d’As restaurant. Raymond Blanc said this was where he enjoyed his first great food experience in Besançon at the age of 14. As a longtime admirer of Raymond Blanc, I just had to try it!

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Food & Wine Festivals and Events in France in March and April 2019

There are many Food and Wine Festivals in France and here is my second post in this series. The Food and Wine Festivals for March and April in France.

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