L’Ancolie Restaurant, Cruseilles

The first time I visited L’Ancolie Restaurant was in 2013 as you can see from my post below.  Well now in November 2017 L’Ancolie has new owners.  Olivier and Katia Gérard who have been at Le Petit Monde in Viry this year are the new proprietors.  I have enjoyed several good meals at Le Petit monde and I look forward to enjoying many more at L’Ancolie.  They opened on Tuesday and 2 days later I went for lunch!  It was great to have the chance to chat to Olivier and Katia today, their enthusiasm for their new venture is evident.  They are looking forward to adding their own signature to L’Ancolie in the New Year.  They will close for the last 2 weeks of January for a refurbishment. 

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