Le Flacon, Carouge Geneva

It’s not every day you get to enjoy a Michelin starred lunch I don’t think – so when you do make sure it’s a good one! Le Flacon in Carouge; a gorgeous town within the city of Geneva and I love their style. This is not your regular stuffy Michelin restaurant…

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Restaurant L’Alexandrin, Lyon

Every time I go to Lyon I love to try a new restaurant and as there are so many I’m never going to run out of great dining experiences in this gastronomic capital of France. So my lunch choice on a recent trip was L’Alexandrin. Very conveniently situated close to The Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse

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Restaurant L’Esquisse, Annecy

Is there no end to the fabulous places to eat in Annecy – it would seem not! My latest find is L’Esquisse Restaurant owned by Stéphane and Magali Dattrino.  Situated on the Rue Royale in the centre of Annecy, this little gem and it is a small restaurant takes only 18 covers for each sitting in the calm and tastefully decorated restaurant.

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