Food & Wine Festivals and Events in France in July & August 2019

Summertime and the food and wine festivals in France continue throughout July and August. My picks for foodie festivals in July and August include oysters, cassoulet, pink garlic, plums, prunes and lots of cheese!

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Food & Wine Festivals and Events in France in May & June 2019

So we continue with the food & wine festivals in France in May & June – here are my picks of the food-related events in France for May and June. Once again a great selection…

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Taste of Savoie Travel Highlights of 2018

I’ve really enjoyed looking back on my highlights of 2018 and all my travel and eating experiences. People I’ve met, foods I’ve tasted and amazing sights I’ve seen. I visited six Countries and made 26 different trips in 2018.

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